Will Ferrell's SuperMegaBlastMax Gamer Challenge

File this under “Unbelievably Big News” but this week DonateGames, Bauer Graphics and ++Good Games all came together on this IndieGogo campaign with Mr. Will Ferrell to raise funds for pediatric cancer patients, survivors and families.

“Will Ferrell is staking his claim on the gaming world, for a cause. After successfully proving his world dominance in activities ranging from drum battles to anchoring the news, he is now issuing a challenge to video gamers far and wide, to raise money for non-profit organizations Cancer for College and DonateGames on Indiegogo.”

Bauer Graphics has been working alongside DonateGames.org to get many of the elements ready for this promo including the Donate Games website and some collateral items. Double Plus Good Games was called upon to craft some of the wording, engagement and outreach programs to help get this project ready for prime time (and crowdfunded).

People can find out more information and fund the Indiegogo campaign here. Should the target amount of $375,000 be raised, Ferrell will play with a lucky gamer at Twitch TV’s offices in San Francisco, and ++Good Games will be in Twitch-tendance. We’ll bring the people, places and games together, all we ask that you put your quarters up and make a donation in support of children and families suffering from cancer.