Your Daily Bacon

Our resident new editor, James Bacon, is known for his work with GameFan as well as his eye-poking, feather-ruffling, in-your-craw-getting-posts on social media.

++Good Call In Show this Friday

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, Precursor Starships and UrQuan Masters; mark your calendars for this Friday, August 2nd at 7pm PST as we are hosting our ++Good Games call in show…FO’ REALS! If you would like to participate, be sure to open up your Skype-o-trons and dial and add “DoublePlusGoodGames” to your list of […]

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EVO 2013, Comic-Con and iPhone Madness – Ep 60

With EVO 2013 and Comic-Con happening days apart from one another, you’d expect some explosive action, some cataclysmic announcements and enough super-crazy-McAwesomeness to get your blood pumping.  Unfortunately, Anthony may have missed 90% of the action with his face firmly planted in the iTunes store looking up titles like 774 Deaths, Paper Titans, Pac-Man Dash […]

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Hangin' in the Neverhood Pt. 3 – A Surprise Doug TenNapel Appears!

Due to the coverage we’ve given it this past week, I’m sure our readers and listeners are acutely aware of just how excited we are for Armikrog. From a chance encounter at E3, to a face-to-face, to our Bonus Round podcast with Ed and Mike, it’s gotten us a lot of traction. A great deal […]

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++Interview – Pencil Test Studios Speaks Out!

Pencil Test Studios was gracious enough to invite ++Good Games into their space to talk to us about their previous projects and experience in the industry, but primarily to get the word out about Armikrog – their Kickstarter campaign(click here for part 1 and part 2 of that interview). To return the favor, we invite […]

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Scribblenauts Unmasked: A DC Comics Adventure Announced!

Available for the Wii U, 3DS, and PC later this year, Scribblenauts will see Maxwell take up the cause of super-herodom as he traipses through Gotham, Atlantis, Metropolis, and other DC Universe locations to help our favorite comic book characters stop evil! The potential for this series is limitless, and we’re all very excited to see how […]

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Batman: Arkham Origins – Official Teaser Trailer

Deathstroke! Batman! In a fight to the death! Though Rocksteady isn’t helming this project, I can’t help but get a little excited about it. How about you? Also, pre-order at to get Deathstorke as a PLAYABLE character, as well as a $10 credit voucher! – JB

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