Your Daily Bacon

Our resident new editor, James Bacon, is known for his work with GameFan as well as his eye-poking, feather-ruffling, in-your-craw-getting-posts on social media.

++Exclusive: Mike Mendheim on Mutant Football League

Four days ago, team at ++GG talked with Mike Mendheim for an interview regarding his new Kickstarter project, Mutant Football League (thanks go out to Ryan Moody for setting it up). In an extremely gracious offer, Mike offered to follow up with an e-mail correspondence Q&A, so he could touch on a few topics he […]

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++Review: Shadowrun Returns

In 2001, FASA closed their doors for, what we thought, was forever. They were doing extremely well, having brought several beloved properties to bear, and as they told us all in a press release, this move was a “get while the gettin’s good” operation. Jordan Weisman and all of the other higher-ups saw the table-top […]

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EVO 2013, Comic-Con and iPhone Madness – Ep 60

With EVO 2013 and Comic-Con happening days apart from one another, you’d expect some explosive action, some cataclysmic announcements and enough super-crazy-McAwesomeness to get your blood pumping.  Unfortunately, Anthony may have missed 90% of the action with his face firmly planted in the iTunes store looking up titles like 774 Deaths, Paper Titans, Pac-Man Dash […]

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Is it time for Trip Hawkins to come back to EA?

When Steve Jobs made his return to apple, it meant rebirth for the ailing organization.    Could lightening strike twice by brining EA back to it’s roots and core values as well? When Steve Jobs made the decision to leave Apple in 1985, he recognized that a great majority of their business was coming from […]

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Tiny Wings 2 is coming to iOS on July 12!

One of the best (if not THE best) iOS game trailers we’ve ever seen! From the comments: “Tiny Wings is very fun to play, has great music, and beautiful graphics [and] that’s pretty much the criteria for any game to become a? classic, regardless of the platform. I don’t care if it took him 10 […]

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++Good Games Podcast – E3 2012 Recap

++Good Games is back with an E3 cool down! In this edition, we talk about the climate of ultra violence that seemed to permeate the show, and the reactions prompted by it; as well as our own individual interpretations, and why these reactions could be a little over the top. We observe and discuss the […]

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