Shaq-Fu: A Legend Reborn Announced… Wait, What?!

Shaquille O’Neal, apparently, wants to make another video game starring himself, based on a trash franchise from the Genesis era and… that, uh… that trailer looks really good, actually. REALLY good. Kind of like Afro Samurai with a dash of Saturday Morning thrown in.

Huh. Maybe I’ll be following this one. I don’t at all know what to expect, but I’ll give the big lug a chance to explain himself. He even admits to the flaws of the past in the trailer, assuring us it’ll be done right this time. Though I don’t know what “right” means with regard to a former basketball star headlining his own video game… at the very least, this journey should be interesting!

Check the trailer below! Then click through for the Indiegogo campaign!