Onion Force Embraces New Name On Steam Greenlight

Originally called Dirty Rascals, Queen Bee Games decided to give their indie title an appellation overhaul and call it Onion Force. The new name hopes to better clarify the intent of the game while holding on to the quirky themes that drew games to the title when it was first called Dirty Rascals.

I might be in the minority here but I actually liked the original name. Anyway, Queen Bee Studios co-founder and former Disney animator, Kathleen Cassidy, commented about the name change, stating…

“After years of dreaming and a few months of us tirelessly working towards a common goal, Onion Force is finally shaping up to be the game it deserves to be,”

“To see one’s brainchild finally enter daylight is both enormously humbling and scary at the same time. I sincerely hope the Steam audience sees the potential that we’ve seen in Onion Force ever since it existed only on the pages of a sketchbook!”

You can see the updated trailer for the game below.

It’s a tower-defense, hack-and-slash loot-and-grind game with 30 levels to conquer, three different difficulty modes and three funky but fully playable heroes to choose from. There are also eight different tower types and multiple upgrade trees per each tower, so players can work toward growing stronger throughout the levels.

The title has been receiving a lot of positive feedback on Steam Greenlight, even since its original debut on the service as Dirty Rascals.

A lot of gamers love the art-style and animations, as well as the visually buoyant effects and fast-paced gameplay.

If you think this is the kind of game you might actually like to play, you can vote for the title by paying a visit to the Steam Greenlight page. There are also some additional screenshots available so you can get a better look at the playing fields, combat and characters.

Original Article from One Angry Gamer