Nosgoth: The Legacy of The Legacy of Kain

I am mightily excited for Nosgoth, the class based multiplayer ‘shooter’ recently announced by Psyonix and SquareEnix.

I’d be lying if I didn’t also say I’m incredibly disappointed, but I’ll take what I can get.

I’m excited to be returning to the Legacy of Kain brand at all. I thought it had run its course, and after years of waiting for a sequel; and years more wherein Amy Hennig, the series writer, left to pursue her writing/directing career at a smallish company called Naughty Dog, developing the moderately popular Uncharted series; I believed I would simply have to be satisfied with what was, instead of what might be. And what was was one of the single most satisfying gaming franchises ever crafted. The adept inclusion of time travel (no small feat) proves Hennig’s writing chops all by itself, and the characters and history were completely saturated. Nary a plot hole or loose end exists within that tale, but it was regrettably cut short.

Enter Psyonix with the announcement of their new game, set in the gloriously storied Nosgoth (the name of both the game, and the setting). I know I won’t be getting much in the way of plot, but what’s there is exciting (as a TF2 player), and glimpses of the previous story exist – all of the vampire classes hail from one of three clans established by three of Kain’s lieutennants: the Turelim, Dumahim, and Razielim. The rest you can read for yourselves at their blog site, and apply for the beta, if you desire (though the application was inexplicably broken when I gave it a go).

Vae Victis!