Nintendo Shoehorns a Post-E3 3DSLL

Nintendo made an impromptu announcement his afternoon to say they’ll be making their first major update to the 3DS SKU lineup with the Nintendo 3DS LL.

This ‘large-sized’ version of the 3DS LL will increase the system’s top screen from 3.58 inches to 4.88 inches, and the lower screen from 3.02 inches to 4.18 inches which Nintendo claims will provide gamers with 90% more screen area across both…well…screens.   Not only are the screens more rubenesque, but the dimensions of the system bloom out to a whopping 46% increase over the size of the original 3DS.

This system update solves one of the two major complaints of the original 3DS in that the battery life has increased to 3.5 to 6.5 hours (up from the 3 to 5 hours of the original 3DS) when playing 3DS games and the new system will provide 6 to 10 hours (up from the 5 to 8) of DS gameplay.