Mutant Football League Kickstarter – ++Interview with Michael Mendheim

Michael Mendheim Mutant Football League Kickstarter

Not even a week after we mentioned Mutant League Football while interviewing Ryan Moody, we were put in touch (Thanks Ryan!) with Mike Mendheim, the creator of Mutant League Football, and the proud operator of a brand spankin’ new Kickstarter project: Mutant Football League.

Confused? We were, too! But Mike was more than happy to sit us down, and set us straight.

Mr. Mendheim goes through everything, from the water cooler pitch of the original Genesis game, working at EA under ++GG alum Trip Hawkins; to the new project on Kickstarter, and all of the talent he has lined up to make it a reality. Don your gridiron, and grab your athletic supporter!

This one’s a bone-breaker!

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