Kickstarter Today – The Internet Gaming Archive

With the recent, somewhat tawdry events casting a pallor on the state of ‘games journalism’ this summer, it often seems that we, as a community, have very little choice when it comes to what stories we see. Based on the news about articles getting flagged, ignored or even outright banned on several aggregate networks causes a great degree of concern as as a lover of video games (yes, I said ‘lover’, what of it? Wanna fight about it?).

As a consumer of any and all information surrounding the subject, it’s difficult to see sites that cater to us disappear into the aether (*cough* Andriasang *cough* 4CR *cough*) because they can’t keep up with the ever changing aggregate juggernauts who are taking money out of the pockets of legitimate bloggers, writers and industry insiders. What is a concerned consumer of content expected to do when looking to keep up to date on their favorite content?

Enter The Internet Gaming Archive by Stephen Wright

Enter The Internet Gaming Archive
by Stephen Wright

The Internet Gaming Archive is a new Kickstarter project which promises delivery of hyper-focused, one-to-one gaming content straight to your mobile device that will provide real benefit for the gaming consumer as well as the content owners and the game developers/publishers to boot.

The claim is that they’ll only need 400 gamers to contribute in order to make all this possible. Speaking of ‘how will they do all this?”, we’ll let them explain that over on their Kickstarter page for The Internet Gaming Archive.

Best of luck, gents!