++Interview with Play Asia’s Gold Mountain & Arna Venema

We sit down with Gold Mountain and Arne Venema to talk about their one year anniversary doing Play-Select for the Hong Kong based online retailer Play-Asia.com. Additionally we talk about their international travels, naming conventions and a taste of things to come at E3 2013.

Gold Mountain

Welcome back to another episode of the ++Good Games Podcast! We have a very special two-parter lined up for our fans as the ++Good Games crew crosses paths with Play Asia dot com’s very own ‘Play Select’ crew! Neal, Anthony & James are joined by Kevin “Gold Mountain” Chau (host of Play-Select) as well as Arne Venema (the man behind-the-scenes). Our guests come to us live from Hong Kong and we learn about their passion for gaming, what got them into the business, we learn of the origins of the ‘Gold Mountain’ name, some funny road stories, Play Asia dot com’s website
filled with everything a gamer would want, and much, much more!! You don’t want to miss this informative and fun series of podcasts!

Play-Asia is an online retailer, based out of Hong Kong, that specializes in the sales of import games, DVDs, music, CDs, gadgets, groceries, books, gaming console accessories, cables and toys.

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