++Interview with Nolan Bushnell

++Good Games Podcast had the honor of talking with one of the gaming industry’s founding fathers — Nolan Bushnell. This is an interview spans four decades and covers the games industry trailblazer’s past, present and future. This is one interview you don’t want to miss!

Nolan Bushnell Interview

In the past we’ve had the pleasure, honor and privilege to interview the likes of; Trip Hawkins, Tim Schafer, Terry Wolfinger, OXM, Eric “Shidoshi” Patterson, Aram Jabbari, Kat Steel, Justine Joli and many more! As the ++Good Games Podcast closes out three years of gaming-audio-excellence, we’ve asked ourselves “where do we go next?”. Our answer was to go back to the source and talk to the men, women, visionaries and luminaries that started, defined or redefinied video gaming today. This week we start off year four with one of THE ORIGINAL founding fathers of the gaming industry, a name that is synonymous with the birth of console video gaming, a living legend who started the careers of Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak, David Crane, Larry Kaplan, Alan Miller, Bob Whitehead, and countless others, none other than, Nolan Bushnell (founder of Atari, Chuck E. Cheese and many other companies).

Nolan Bushnell is a man whose body of work spans over four decades and, as you’ll hear on the show, is still being added to today! Nolan Bushnell made his original mark by kick-starting the gaming industry with Pong, yet now he has his sights set on an exciting marriage of technology and education with Brain Rush. Make learning swift, fun and truly allow one to realize their fullest potential.

Nolan Bushnell Last month, Nolan Bushnell wrote a book entitled, “Finding the Next Steve Jobs: How to Find, Hire, Keep and Nurture Creative Talent” which is currently for sale over at Amazon.com. In this book Bushnell explains how to find, hire, and nurture the people who could turn your company into the next Atari or the next Apple. Bushnell’s advice is constantly counter-intuitive, surprising, atypical.

The business world is changing faster than ever, and every day your company faces new complications and difficulties. The only way to resolve these issues is to have a staff of wildly creative people who live as much in the future as the present, who thrive on being different, and whose ideas will guarantee that your company will prosper when other companies fail.

It’s a truly amazing journey and one that that ++Good Games works to uncover the past, present and is allowed a glimpse into Bushnell’s vision for the future.

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