Surprisingly Big Announcements from the 2013 SCEJA Press Conference

From Last Night:

In just a few short hours, Sony Computer Entertainment Japan Asia (aka “SCEJA”) will be holding their 2013 Sales Strategy Press Conference.  Actually slated for Monday, September 9, 2013 we westerners will be able to pop in starting at 11pm this evening (PST) to check out all of the official statements that weren’t made at E3, Gamescom, PAX or screamed from a guy wearing a sandwich board and ringing a bell on a street corner.   Updates will be taking place on Sony’s Official PlayStation ® site, via their PlayStation ® Twitter account and through streaming at PlayStation_jp.


SCEJA TGS Press Conference

I’m calling it right here and right now, The Last Guardian will be shown here with a release date scheduled sometime in 2014.  Trust me, I have a penchant for getting myself worked up, full of hope and then, ultimately, disappointed.   I’d take that Last Guardian with a grain of salt, but everything else in the first paragraph is fo’ reals.

From Today:

While there was no new footage or announcements surrounding The Last Guardian, Sony did come out of the gate throwing more windmill punches at both Xbox and, surprisingly, Apple. Sony introduced PS Vita TV which looks like a longer thinner version of Apple TV but will allow you to play Vita and PSP games onto your TV With Dualshock 3. Additionally this device Will work as a companion device for PS4 and will allow you to remotely play things on another TV around your house with a PS4. What, what, WHAT?!? You mean I can own one PS4 and have it usable on two different TVs in the house?!? That’s pretty darn-diddly-arned awesome if you are a multi-tele-family who is always fighting for screen time.

Conference Details (courtesy of the /r/Vita community)

These are announcements for Japan 

New Vita Hardware

  • 5in LED screen (Not OLED like current PS Vitas)
  • 1GB onboard storage (NOT additional RAM)
  • 1 hour more battery life
  • 20% thinner
  • Micro-USB standard charger. No more proprietary cable.
  • MSRP ~199.000 yen (around $200) 10/10/13 launch date.
  • 64GB vita memory card for 10.000 yen (~$100 USD)



  • New Gundam game shown off (I honestly don’t know anything about Gundam)
  • God Eater 2 Release 11/14/13 with special edition new vita model
  • New Soul Sacrifice?! Inafune taking the stage. “Soul Sacrifice Delta release “March 2014” “Not just a new update” Has new elements, bosses, monsters, and a “Neutral” force in addition to evil and good.
  • Something about “New Collaborative battle” relating to Soul Sacrifice. Coming 2013.9.14. Seems to be a large update to Soul Sacrifice?
  • Sega PSO producer taking stage.
  • Phantasy Star Nova” new game coming for the vita 2014
  • It is the same world as PSO2. Can be an addon to PSO2 or stand alone and played offline (translator was shaky, may be wrong)
  • Sony giving full support to PSO2 and Nova going forward. Flagship title for the system (apparently not in the US…)
  • New titles being shown
  • Jpop anime game! (Not my scene) “School Idol Paradise”
  • Some teaser that I couldn’t catch the name for. Completely in Japanese though.
  • Terraria Vita being shown now, no release date.
  • Another Anime game with crazy, cleaver wielding teddy bears. “Danganropa” I think. Also coming with a new Vita in a special edition bundle.
  • New hardware so pretty! Damn you Sony!
  • Amnesia World something something December 19th 2013 with a bundle with Vita-2000
  • Final Fantasy 10 HD info now. Limited edition console!
  • Playstation Plus update for JP market. 5 games that I didn’t catch. (Will add later)
  • Vita-1000 playpack bundle with memory card included with preloaded games selling in Japan. Looks like they are still supporting the old hardware.
  • Sizzle-reel for upcoming games. Dragon’s Dogma Quest was in the middle of it; looked interesting.
  • Old hardware showed up in the sizzle a few times.
  • There will be a JP GT6 bundle.

PS4 will launch in Japan February 22nd, 2014

  • Knack will be included for early JP PS4 adopters (to help offset the late release in all likelihood)
  • Bunch of games announced we know about for PS4 and some JP ones that aren’t intelligible from the stream.
  • FFXIV available on PS4 to PS3 subscribers at no additional cost. And a PS4 beta is planned.
  • Watch_Dogs video
  • Dynasty Warriors 8: Xtreme Legends coming to Vita and PS3 also announced for PS4.
  • Yakuza Restoration announced.
  • More JP stuff (check here for details:
  • Deep Down shown.
    • Appears to be the official title.
    • Takes place in the future, not past.
    • Future tech mixed with medieval monsters and armor.
    • Possible souls-style game
    • Has online play of some sort.
    • PS4 exclusive explicitly stated.
  • Indie talk
  • PS3 -> PS4 game upgrade trade-in program discussed.
  • PS+ discussed, nothing new, DriveClub + Res0gun confirmed for JP.
  • Music Unlimited talk.
  • Video Unlimited talk.
  • JP reservations begin Saturday, October 5th 2013, payment plans discussed.

PS Vita TV Hardware Announced (/r/VitaTV)

  • Plays Vita physical games (and likely digital as well) on your TV. Plays PSP digital games (Vita-compatible ones at least).
  • 6cm x 10cm (Smallest PS device).
  • Allows for video serviced on your TV (Think Apple TV).
  • Access to PS Store videos and services.
  • Functions as a PS4 extender via Remote Play (i.e. Play your PS4 from the bedroom in your living room that has PS Vita TV hooked up to it.)
  • Global Release – Japan first.
  • 9954 Yen (~$100)