++Good Games Ep. 64 – Now You're Playing with Power!

Welcome back to another episode of the ++Good Games Podcast! In episode #64 we are once again joined by special guest Casey “Takuhi” Loe. This time, Neal joins the conversation again and the results are…well…we’ll let you be the judge of that.

Episode 63 - Double Plus Good Games

This time, we talk Magic the Gathering, Beyond Two Souls, Sega’s acquisition of Atlus, James’ recent trip to NIS America and oh-so-much more! Casey adds his flare and insight to several conversations, and it looks like he’ll be a welcome, staple addition to the program.* Don’t forget to check out Casey’s twitter: @snowjew Let him know your thoughts, and maybe give some insight as to what you’d like to hear more of in the future from him! Enjoy the show!

* Until he’s come to his senses and shoots out of here like a watermelon seed between two fingers.

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