E3 2014: Top 5 Moments of the Sony Press Event

The last thing I want is to be accused of being biased. I dislike declaring a “winner” of E3, because I feel like, as consumers, WE are the winners, especially when all parties concerned have a strong showing. That said, it’s disingenuous to ignore just HOW strong certain presentations perform over others. Sony, much like last year, absolutely killed it; but as both Microsoft and the Playstation brand parent were focusing squarely on games, the playing field was far more level this time. Sony, still, not only met Microsoft blow-for-blow, but they pulled out ahead to such a degree, I found difficulty in whittling down their event to merely five entries. As a result, I completely avoided cross platform games (no matter how excited I got for No Man’s Sky, Mortal Kombat X, and Arkham Knight). Here we go!

5.) ABZU
Giant Squid is a studio to watch (as its founder previously held the position of Art Director for thatgamecompany’s Journey), and if their first game is any indication, success will be synonymous with the studio’s name. The phrase that smacked my mind to attention when the game was revealed was “underwater Journey,” and I can’t think of a more joyous combination of terms. Details are scarce at the moment, but from what was provided in the trailer, it seems to be a game focusing on exploration, and interacting with the immersed animalia.

4.) Bloodborne
A few days before the press events, a From Software leak exposed the world to Project Beast. Well, it has a new name, and it promises to titillate and tantalize every bit as much as Demon’s Souls did. The entire trailer takes place above ground, in a Victorian city. Whether or not the game takes place entirely above ground is unknown at this time, but I highly doubt we won’t see our fair share of catacombs and sewers if From Software’s recent history has anything to say about it. Very excited for this one.

3.) Entwined
One part Tempest, one part Rez, Entwine didn’t grab me at first, but as more of the game was revealed in the trailer, the less I could contain myself. Often, it’s the simplest mechanics that prove the most engrossing, and I expect no less with this beautiful title. The best part? It’s available as I type this.

2.) The Order
Sony has Victorian Dark Fantasy on lockdown with Bloodborne and The Order. Seamlessly transitioning between cut scenes and gameplay, more so than any other game to date; and while this title is just more shooting dudes with guns, the setting and tone push it far out in front of the FPS pack. CoD? Battlefield? They’re alright. The Order? Sign me up right now!

1.) Little Big Planet 3
I didn’t see this one coming, as obvious as it might have seemed. I’ve been a fan of one Mr. Sackboy ever since his first game, all the way up through Karting, and this announcement got me unreasonably excited. He has new friends, new mechanics, new textures, and all 8+ million levels created by all of us over the course of his entire back catalogue. Oddsock is adorable, and the rest of Sacky’s brand new cadre are delightful.

Nintendo’s event is tomorrow morning at 9am PDT. I won’t be able to cover it, as I’ll be on my way to the convention center to get on the floor ASAP, but you can watch it yourself via Nintendo Direct. I expect big, bold strokes from the House of N, and you should too. This year’s E3 is turning out to be a doozey.