E3 2014: Top 5 Moments of the Microsoft Press Event

The prE3-show (see what I did there?) has kicked off in style with Microsoft leading the charge. Phil Spencer opened the show with class by including Nintendo and Sony in his opening speech about the oncoming storm that is the E3 show floor, binding us all together as brothers in this wonderful hobby we all share with one another. The focus was decidedly on games, proving that, once again, Microsoft is listening and learning. What follows are the top five moments that wowed us during the Microsoft presentation for E3 2014.

5.) Conker made his first, fresh appearance in 10 years!
It, unfortunately, wasn’t at the helm of a brand new game in his legacy, but instead as an inclusion for the humongous, player creation engine that is Project Spark. But whatever, I’ll take what I can get. Is this an allusion to another Conker game in development? I wouldn’t put any eggs in that basket just yet, but even at face value, this is proof that Microsoft hasn’t forgotten about the foulmouthed fan favorite, and hopefully we’ll see him more and more as the current generation unfolds.

4.) Super Ultra Dead Rising 3 Arcade Remix Hyper Edition EX +Alpha
Available right freaking now, as you read this, Super Ultra Dead Rising 3 Arcade Remix Hyper Edition EX +Alpha is 2014’s Blood Dragon. The over the top camp, remarkable humor, and… did I see a Power Charged Falcon costume in there?! The fan-service saturates every inch of this DLC package! People who already own this game will be chomping at the bit to grab this content, while others will be chomping at the bit to grab the game, and THEN grab this content.

3.) Crackdown
Crackdown, the open world game that has you playing the part of the police in an effort to clean up the streets, Saint’s Row style, is back, baby! Not much in the way of gameplay is seen in the trailer, but with two previous entrants in the series, it’s hardly necessary. I’m sure there will be visual updates, and new mechanics, but so long as they accompany all of the conventions of its predecessors, we’ll all be happy to get our hands on this next installment.

2.) Scalebound, Kamiya’s (Platinum Games’) new game, is XB1 Exclusive
This, right here, is my system seller. This is why I’ll be picking up an XBOX One. All we have is a trailer, but from what’s been given to us, it looks like a fast, frenetic Monster Hunter type game that allows you to steal aspects of the beasts you hunt simply by making contact. Whatever the case, this is going to be huge, hilarious, and chock full of over the top action.

1.) Ken Lobb prematurely wins E3 with Phantom Dust
The rumors flew fast and furious before the show began, but what was considered to be one of the most unlikely ended up ringing true. The incredible vision of Phantom Dust will be reiterated upon for the current console generation, and those of us who remember the XBOX original couldn’t be more excited. Pardon me while I collect my jaw off the floor.

Sony’s up next, and unlike last year, there is much to surmount this time around, including items not mentioned on this list (Halo 5 among them). Stay tuned to ++GG for updates as they occur!