Driveclub Patch 1.16 Announced and Detailed

On Monday, June 1, 2015, the greatest racing game of the past three console generations will be getting a significant server upgrade. Additionally, the latest Driveclub patch (v.1.16) will be available at the same time.

Full details follow…

The servers that provide Challenges in DRIVECLUB are being replaced and upgraded. This will bring bigger, better challenges and improve server performance across the game as we continue to work to make the PlayStation Plus Edition of DRIVECLUB possible.

After the update and new servers go live, your Challenges and Event History will start afresh, so please schedule your challenges to end before 10am UK time on Monday June, 1st. You can continue to play and create Challenges before the update but please understand that any events that are still active during the update will not continue on the new servers.

Full details for Game Update 1.16 (coming Monday 1st June):

* Challenges will be expanded to support an unlimited number of participants.

* Challenge notifications will be integrated into the Social Hub activity feed for easy access.

* The Challenge Menu will have a new interface to make it easier to join Challenges.

* Evolution Studios Challenges will be added to the Challenge Menu for direct and easy access.

* Invitation options will be optimised to focus on active players and reduce challenge notification spam.

* More of our favourite ?#?PS4share? pictures created by the community will be added to the Menus.

* Significant technical improvements will be made to enhance server connectivity and prepare for the PlayStation Plus Edition.