"DoubleFine Adventure" becomes "Broken Age"


Way back when crowd funding was virtually unknown to the video gaming community at large, Mr. Tim Schafer’s DoubleFine decided it might be the only way for them to get the funding they needed in order to produce the adventure game they wanted, without the pain of getting shut down time and again by publishers who don’t take risks.

Three point three million dollars later, and they’re hard at work on what was formerly known as DoubleFine Adventure, but has recently revealed to sport the brand new moniker “Broken Age.” Knowing Tim and the gang, that title can only be tongue-in-cheek humor regarding… well, regarding something we don’t know yet, because the only detail we have is that it’s called “Broken Age.” Unless you’re a backer and have access to the special founder’s section of the DoubleFine forums.

We at ++GG can’t wait to see what the people at this incredible studio cook up this time. Now, I gotta get back to playing The Cave. So many different endings, so little time.