Developer Dead Alien Cult Reveals Viking Ghost

I love PlayStation All-Stars: Battle Royale. Probably more than I love the Smash Bros. franchise. Which means I found it particularly upsetting to discover that Sony had officially announced they would be discontinuing support for the game, cementing the roster as-is, and rolling out only one more balance patch, and possibly one more map pack.

I was doubly disappointed when the announcement came in that Sony decided to end their relationship with SuperBot (who suffered layoffs as a result), and then that their own Santa Monica studio had suffered layoffs. The folks responsible for All-Stars were clearly a talented bunch, and losing them to the annual round of layoffs is disheartening.

Enter Dead Alien Cult. A brand new developer comprised of two gentlemen, Andrew Marquis and John Lawrence, who were previously on the team responsible for PSASBR. And they have a new game to show us!

Dead Alien Cult describes their new game as “a comical, story driven Arcade Action Adventure-Dual Stick Shooter-Dungeon Crawler-Roguelike-Lite… basically.” And after watching the trailer, I must admit I find that description not only apt, but necessary.

Watch the trailer, and then VOTE for them through Steam Greenlight!