++Interview – Pencil Test Studios Speaks Out!

Pencil Test Studios was gracious enough to invite ++Good Games into their space to talk to us about their previous projects and experience in the industry, but primarily to get the word out about Armikrog – their Kickstarter campaign(click here for part 1 and part 2 of that interview).

To return the favor, we invite them into our virtual space to wax philosophical about pants, “soda,” Nintendo, animation methods, and the business of video games.

Pencil Test Studios Green Screen

Welcome back to another Bonus Round episode of the ++Good Games Podcast! We have two very special guests lined up for our fans, as the ++GG crew crosses clay (again!) with Ed Schofield and Mike Dietz! Our guests come to us live from California’s beautiful Orange County, and we learn about their passion for illustration, animation, when they got into the business, where they met Doug TenNapel, and much, much more!! You don’t want to miss this nostalgic and crazy entry in the annals of ++history!

Armikrog. -- Kicktraq Mini

Pencil Test Studios is an animation studio located in Southern California’s Orange County, one hour South of Los Angeles. They specialize in all sorts of animation from traditional hand-drawn fare, to CGI, and stop-motion. Productions they’ve worked on include Earthworm Jim, The Neverhood, Cool Spot, Star Wars Episode III (the video game), It’s a SpongeBob Christmas, Kog-Head & Meatus, and Pixar’s WALL-E (the video game), among others. Ed serves on the board of directors for Web Wise Kids, the nations leading non-profit organization that teaches kids about internet safety though interactive games; Mike has won an Annie award for his efforts as animation director on Pixars Ratatouille video game.

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