A Bonk from the Past: Brink of Extinction Footage Surfaces

Over the weekend, footage of the never-to-be-released Bonk: Brink of Extinction surfaced via a mysterious YouTube channel. The only information provided is that the footage featured is running on PS3 hardware (specifically the Slim version of the system), and that “all DLC is in place,” but without more than this, we simply cannot speculate further.

Once upon a time, Bonk ran head-to-head with both Mario and Sonic. After Sonic abdicated his claim to the throne and joined forces with Nintendo’s plumbing platformer king, Bonk was left (several years prior, and due, in part, to the minuscule reception the TurboGrafx-16 system received in the US) in the annals of history, rarely to be heard from over the decades.

Finally, he has resurfaced, and it is in the unfortunate form of a death-rattle. Hopefully Konami is able to prevent his extinction entirely, by reinvigorating and revivifying you to a point where we can become good friends, once again.

Words: James Bacon