Your Daily Bacon

Our resident new editor, James Bacon, is known for his work with GameFan as well as his eye-poking, feather-ruffling, in-your-craw-getting-posts on social media.

Sad News Out of Japan: ATLUS is "Under Reorganization"

According to this website, and corroborated by this one, it would appear as though ATLUS has declared bankruptcy. Though the articles clearly state that the company is “under reorganization,” my source in Japan tells me this is specifically to avoid the social stigma of the declaration. If ATLUS plans on continuing business, they would have […]

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Armikrog = FUNDED!

  We absolutely HAD to share this good fortune with the ++Good Games community as it’s probably the biggest thing wem have ever done at in our three+ year history. During E3, the ++Good Games crew met with a company called Pencil Test Studios who had been working for over two weeks to fund a […]

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Hangin' in the Neverhood Pt. 3 – A Surprise Doug TenNapel Appears!

Due to the coverage we’ve given it this past week, I’m sure our readers and listeners are acutely aware of just how excited we are for Armikrog. From a chance encounter at E3, to a face-to-face, to our Bonus Round podcast with Ed and Mike, it’s gotten us a lot of traction. A great deal […]

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Spicy Horse announces Ozombie!

American McGee is at it again, twisting beloved children’s fantasies into oily-tenticled nightmare fuel. This time, he’s perverting the works of L. Frank Baum, and the land of Oz. A seeming hybrid between traditional campaign single player, and MMO multiplayer, I’m looking forward to more information as it’s made available. – JB

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++Interview – Pencil Test Studios Speaks Out!

Pencil Test Studios was gracious enough to invite ++Good Games into their space to talk to us about their previous projects and experience in the industry, but primarily to get the word out about Armikrog – their Kickstarter campaign(click here for part 1 and part 2 of that interview). To return the favor, we invite […]

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++GG vs. Play Select: Round 3!

Who is that handsome gentleman with the melodious voice at 1:41? Who’s the bald powerhouse hunk of a man next to him, shaking his head? Watch the video, and be AMAZED!

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