Yoshi Special Edition 3DS Confirmed


Hot on the heels of the kerfuffle caused by the exciting Nintendo Direct video today (2/14/14), Nintendo has finally confirmed the hottest rumor that’s been careening around the internet at break-neck speeds. There is, in fact, a special edition Yoshi 3DS headed for North America, and it’ll only set you back $200, like the A Link Between Worlds special edition. Also like the ALBW special edition, it’ll come packaged with a redeemable code for the digital version of its namesake, Yoshi’s New Island.

The front is, funny enough, Yoshi, with a printed image of the little dino being followed by an egg, and the reverse is stark white, with additional eggs wrapping around the right side of the rear, as if Yoshi had a train of the things following him, just like in the game.

It’s a clean, slick design, and it continues the time-honored trend of collector’s edition handhelds begun with the GBA SP, and were I a richer man, I’d definitely be picking this one up to begin a collection of limited edition 3DS systems.