THQ Auction: No Bids on Vigil (UPDATE!)


UPDATE: As of today, all employees of THQ have been advised to collect their personal items, as access to the building will be cut off at the end of the day. An additional auction has been planned to sell off the remaining items that didn’t sell the first go ’round.

In a particularly sad day for the video games industry, THQ’s assets were sold off at auction today. Even more sad is that no one, not one company, bid on Vigil Studios, creators of the widely lauded Darksiders series and whose new IP, tentatively referred to as  “Crawler,” was dressed to impressed according to internal sources.

We here at ++GG hate to witness goings-on that could potentially displace industry families, and our hearts and good intentions go out to all those involved.

All is not lost, however, as Platinum games has expressed an interest in Vigil… could this mean that Darksiders 3 (along with Crawler) make the jump to Wii U exclusivity, just as Bayonetta has? Only time will tell… but I’m still rushing out to buy a Wii U. You know, to be sure. – JB