The Face of Video Game Addiction – Quinn Pitcock

Quinn Michael Pitcock played for the Indianapolis Colts and the Seattle Seahawks before hanging up his cleats to depression and video game addiction. After a railroading interview on the Katie Couric show this summer, he’s here to clear the air on where he stands with video games and how he’s used the experience to move forward.


Quinn was a superlative football player throughout high school and went on to become an All-American defensive lineman at Ohio State. In 2007 he was drafted by the Indianapolis Colts which was the culmination of his life’s work to date. So what made him hang up his cleats and retire just a short season later? Turns out it was the Call of the Duty…

In reality, Quinn was suffering from a combination of undiagnosed depression and ADHD that turned the already shy guy into a full on CoD recluse. Quinn would later state that he “used video gaming as a definite escape from reality” and that escape ultimately became a full on obsession. Playing Call of Duty for up to 18 hours a day and becoming one of the top 300 players in team deathmatch all were masking the fact that he wasn’t dealing with the 325lb problem that was holding the controller.


One year later he broke, burned and field destroyed all his video games and got back into the action with the Seattle Seahawks and then later with the Detroit Lions. He’s now playing in the arena football league and is working to get himself back in condition for another run at the NFL next season. While he’s getting his body back into Prime Time condition, he’s become one of the only professional faces behind a disorder that impacts 3% of gamers.

We are grateful to have the opportunity to talk with Quinn this week and we wish him the best in the pursuit of the NFL part deux.