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Our resident new editor, James Bacon, is known for his work with GameFan as well as his eye-poking, feather-ruffling, in-your-craw-getting-posts on social media.

Dishonored: The Knife of Dunwall, Available April 16th

Bethesda has just clued us in on the first DLC pack available for the critically acclaimed Arkane Studios developed Dishonored. On April 16th, for $9.99, you’ll be able to play as Daud, the assassin who… well, just watch the trailer. There is some spoiler content from the opening scenes of the game, so if you’ve […]

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Dishonored Launch Trailer

Dishonored is available as you read this, and I can’t remember when I’ve been so excited for a game. Dunwall is such a richly detailed environment, and the plot hooks are intriguing, as they should be. I can’t escape the fact that Dishonored looks like a cross between the Looking Glass Studios darling Thief, and Irrational […]

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Episode 49 – It's the end of the world as we know it

“That’s great, new consoles have slammed the brakes waggle and shake, and browser games, and Gabe Newell is not afraid.” With E3 just a few weeks away, there is the potential that the console gaming industry (as we know it) will change forever, and I feel fine. Plus, two months worth of Vita thoughts and […]

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