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++Review: Puppeteer

Klonoa, Tomba, Pandamonium, Rayman, Megaman X7 & 8; the Playstation brand has been home to some of the most charming platformers ever created. This is a list that continues in perpetuity; a list that not only enumerates all of the exclusive platformers of the Playstation family of consoles, but one that makes a sizable contribution toward cataloging all of […]

A Few Bits About The Last Guardian

Following up on his excellent Famitsu summary last week, Anoop Gantayat over at Andriasang.com finds out more about Sony’s upcoming PS3 title “The Last Guardian”. Everything from guards to stage to your character’s growth to Torico itself, Ueda talks about each of these (albeit briefly) after the jump.  Sourced from: andriasang.com

Episode 35 is live…and we are sorry.

Game Developers Conference, Destination PlayStation, PAX and SxSW are all happening…so why aren’t we happy? Attention gamers!  If you’ve missed out on titles like Ico, Shadow of the Colossus, Panzer Dragoon Orta, Beyond Good and Evil, Tactics Ogre, 9 9 9, etc and want to know how to avoid making the same mistake going forward, […]

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