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Our resident new editor, James Bacon, is known for his work with GameFan as well as his eye-poking, feather-ruffling, in-your-craw-getting-posts on social media.

Martian Manhunter Confirmed for Injustice!

Due to the overwhelming success of Injustice: Gods Among Us at retail, and the subsequent success of their season pass, and individual character sales, NetherRealm studios is now making good on their promise that if the game did well enough, and demand was high, there would be more characters beyond the first season of releases. […]

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++Review – Injustice: Gods Among Us

While playing Injustice, I can’t help but think about the most recent DC films and television shows, as well as the Marvel Movieverse. I’m not the biggest fan of the Nolan/Bale Batman (though both of those men are masters of their craft), and though Arrow is an excellent show, I’m finding it difficult to really […]

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