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Shaq-Fu: A Legend Reborn Announced… Wait, What?!

Shaquille O’Neal, apparently, wants to make another video game starring himself, based on a trash franchise from the Genesis era and… that, uh… that trailer looks really good, actually. REALLY good. Kind of like Afro Samurai with a dash of Saturday Morning thrown in. Huh. Maybe I’ll be following this one. I don’t at all […]

Behold Studios Reveals 3 Chroma Squad TV Spots… Voiced ENTIRELY in Japanese!

Good Lord, I love me some Sentai! For those not in the know, Chroma Squad is a Kickstarted tactical strategy game from newcomer Behold Studios. In the game, you will “…¬†manage an indie Sentai television studio, casting actors, purchasing equipment, crafting weapons and giant Mechas out of cardboard and glue to create your own Sentai […]

First Test Footage of Mighty No. 9 is LIVE!

This is a demonstration of what Mighty No. 9 will look like, and if you’ve backed the project (like yours truly), it only makes you that much more excited!

++Exclusive: Mike Mendheim on Mutant Football League

Four days ago, team at ++GG talked with Mike Mendheim for an interview regarding his new Kickstarter project, Mutant Football League (thanks go out to Ryan Moody for setting it up). In an extremely gracious offer, Mike offered to follow up with an e-mail correspondence Q&A, so he could touch on a few topics he […]

Mutant Football League Kickstarter – ++Interview with Michael Mendheim

Not even a week after we mentioned Mutant League Football while¬†interviewing Ryan Moody, we were put in touch (Thanks Ryan!) with Mike Mendheim, the creator of Mutant League Football, and the proud operator of a brand spankin’ new Kickstarter project: Mutant Football League. Confused? We were, too! But Mike was more than happy to sit […]

Double Fine needs more money…

In February of 2012, Double Fine leveraged crowd funding, through Kickstarter, in order to pitch and eventually program a new adventure game that’s recently been dubbed “Broken Age.” Last night, Engadget tells us, Tim Shafer took to the backers section of the Kickstarter page in order to explain why the game isn’t yet ready. “I […]

Hangin’ in the Neverhood – A Pencil Test Studios Interview, Pt. 2

ARMIKROG KICKSTARTER PART 1 Once Ed was finished with his phone call, and Mike made sure everything was alright, we proceeded after swapping random stories about our E3 take-aways this year and print media, among other things. Despite the nature of Ed’s phone call, we decided to turn to markedly lighter fare. James Bacon: I […]

Hangin’ in the Neverhood – A Pencil Test Studios Interview, Pt. 1

ARMIKROG KICKSTARTER This is a story I’ll tell anyone who cares to listen. It’s brief, so just shut up and deal with it. E3 is a magical place. I had the pleasure of experiencing my very first go ’round this year, in fact. I expected to be floored with sights, sounds, and indecision (which happened); […]

“DoubleFine Adventure” becomes “Broken Age”

Way back when crowd funding was virtually unknown to the video gaming community at large, Mr. Tim Schafer’s DoubleFine decided it might be the only way for them to get the funding they needed in order to produce the adventure game they wanted, without the pain of getting shut down time and again by publishers […]

…and then there was M.U.L.E.

Below is the first trailer for M.U.L.E. Returns from Comma 8 Studios (www.comma8.com). M.U.L.E. Returns is a faithful, licensed remake of the iconic franchise that spawned modern strategy and resource-based games. Comma 8 Studios has stated this this game will be released “later this summer” and will be available on both iOS and Android platforms. […]

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