Strategy Guide God and All Around Good Guy: Casey Loe – Ep.62

Casey Loe of WAHP, GameFan, Play Magazine and Versus books strategy guide fame joins the podcast this week to talk history, current events and the state of import gaming.

Import  Gaming in a Nutshell

Import Gaming in a Nutshell

Casey Loe is one of the legendary GameFan triumverate (Eric ‘Shidoshi’ Patterson, Nick Rox, Casey ‘Takuhi’ Loe) and has written a wealth of strategy guides, including Final Fantasy VII, Ocarina of Time, Devil May Cry, Shenmue, and (my personal favorite) Final Fantasy Tactics: The War of the Lions. Casey has also spent time with Nintendo Power, 8-4, Ltd. and currently co-hosts WARNING! A Huge Podcast. We’ve asked Casey to join us for the next two episodes of the Double Plus Good Games podcast to bask in his epic gaming knowledge-ness and to share in the conversation about gaming.

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