PSA: Guild01/02 Games 75% Off // Weapon Shop de Omasse FINALLY Available!


It’s true, I’m coming in a little late with this announcement, but not so late as to have no impact!

Several days ago, in preparation for the eShop release of Weapon Shop de Omasse, the benevolent powers that be decided to let the entire catalogue of Guild games go for a measly $2.99 each! That’s Liberation Maiden, Aero Porter, Bugs vs. Tanks, Spaceship Damrey, Crimson Shroud, and Attack of the Friday Monsters for just under $20 dollars, total.

Today, Weapon Shop de Omasse hit the virtual shelves of the eShop at the regular Guild price point of $7.99, at long last completing the set; but you’ll have the opportunity to pick up the rest of the aforementioned titles at the drastically reduced price.

Personally, I say Attack of the Friday Monsters and Crimson Shroud are must buys, and while the newcomer is high priority, you can certainly afford to wait a bit. But far be it for me to make this decision for you! My job is to simply arm you with info, so you can make the judgement calls yourself.