I, Hope

"We wanted to create a great game that was fun for everyone, while still delivering a powerful, meaningful message."

Developer: Arconyx
Role: Publishing / Marketing / Streaming / Non Profit

++Good Games is working with the “I, Hope” team to bring this game to market across Steam, Amazon, Humble Bundle. Additionally, the network we’ve built through streaming events on Twitch, Beam, and YouTube will make sure this game gets seen.

When we think of video games, our minds go to epic battles, fantasy worlds, crazy races and mind-boggling adventures. For Roy, creating a game should be about all of the above and, on top of that, have a higher purpose. However, hitting the perfect balance between pure amusement and lifting spirits is not an easy task; and it doesn’t happen overnight, nor does is happen by itself.

The initial idea behind “I, Hope” was straight forward; come up with a story, design the game, and donate it to a charity. ++Good Games was brought on board to connect the Kenny and Co. with partners like Unity, ID@Xbox, and GameChanger Charity to bring more awareness to this title.

Online Press Kit      Download 'I, Hope' PDF Press Kit

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