Mobile Moment: Heroes of Destiny


This week in your Mobile Moment, we’re going to talk about Glu’s new dungeon crawler, Heroes of Destiny. Now, since it’s a Glu game, it’s designed to take your money in increments in order to open up all of the content the game has to offer (I’ll not being going into the pros and cons of the pay to play mobile model…); but it’s also designed to look fantastic, and play intuitively. And, honestly, you can get a lot out of the game without ever paying a dime.

Controls are simple, completely eschewing the D-pad scheme most mobile games of this sort adopt in favor of a drag-to-target system that completely solves screen occlusion issues. You touch your hero, and then drag to harm or heal your intended target. Each character (of which nine currently exist — some free, others paid for with gold you collect in the game, and others still paid for with real cash) has special abilities, and the art style is clean and colorful. Just the way I like it.

You can download directly to your android device (provided you have a Chrome profile linked to it) here; and here it is on iTunes.