Loren 'Fanatiq' Riley (@MrFanatiq) ++Interview

Fans, welcome to another very special bonus round episode of the ++Good Games Podcast.  Fanatiq joins the ++Good Games podcast to shed some light on his background, how he got into gaming, fond memories, gives thanks to those who helped make him a top-tier player, delves into the history of some of his money matches, discusses his other passion — music — and what fans can expect in the future.


Neal (@doubleplusgames), Anthony (@24bitaje) & James (@JamesDBacon) are joined by Loren ‘Fanatiq’ Riley (@MrFanatiq) — professional gamer and musician.  Loren plays puzzle games, rpgs and fighting games at a HIGH level — as in, one of the best in the world.  He is arguably most prominently known for his expertise in Marvel vs Capcom 2, and his series of matches several years ago, which had a whopping $50,000.00 on the line!!!

It was a very fun and entertaining interview, and we were very appreciative of having Fanatiq on the show.  Enjoy the episode and look forward to hearing from Fanatiq again in the future.

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