++Good Games – Episode 50

++Good Games has reached the big FIVE-OH! Join us for the 50th cast of ++Good Games on iTunes, Stitcher, or Mevio! And while you’re at it, bake us a cake, or something… I mean, it isn’t necessarily a birthday, but it’s as good a milestone as any to celebrate with cake…or some bacon.

Sugary cakes (and veggie bacon) aside, in Episode 50 we wax philosophical about the direction games seem to be taking, as well as recent news in the form of Anthony’s comprehensive EVO2012 commentary. Also within, we expand upon James’ recent article on MOBA style games, “active” gaming communities, issue an extra special “thank you” to a community member, and so much more!

tl;dr: EVO 2012 event, Amazon.com’s Game Connect Service and a conversation on how to define the real value of a retail game.