BioShock Infinite to Blood Dragon – Ep 58

A full Gameday supply of Vitamin B

Episode 58 starts off with a big ol’ bang as we announce our upcoming interview with industry legend, Nolan Bushnell. From there we discuss the Blood Dragon trailer, James’ recent 10/10 BioShock Infinite review, Anthony’s two 3DS purchases and Neal goes on a tirade (TWICE) about the state of gaming. This episode covers everything from BioShock Infinite, Blood Dragon, Bruce Campbell, Best Buy and Bushnell so if you have a vitamin B deficiency, this episode may be just what the doctor ordered.*

Plus, be sure to listen closely for your chance to win a copy of BioShock Infinite somewhere in the show (details in the podcast).

* NOTE: If you actually DO have a Vitamin B deficiency and your doctor recommends this show, please do yourself a favor and find yourself another doctor.