From 2k Heartbreaker to Backbreaker 2 – ++Interview with Ryan Moody

This week we get on the gridiron with Ryan Moody (youtube channel “RyanMoody21”) to talk about the state of the sim football community as well as his recent trip to EA Sports.

RYANMOODY21 interview

“Who is Ryan Moody?”, you ask? Well Ryan Moody has been creating videos since 2006 and goes by the moniker RyanMoody21 on the YouTubes. He brings real football fundamentals to video game football and points out the flaws of modern day games in a clear easy to understand way.

He’s covered video game football for years on Youtube and was instrumental in building and supplying content to The Sim Standard, Digital Pigskin and the East Cost Offense Podcast. His understanding of the sport dwarves that of the common video game enthusiast and was recently recognized by EA themselves when they asked him to travel to their HQ to provide insight and feedback into the latest Madden release.

He’s covered the world of video game football better than anyone else we can think of in the entire Sim Standard community and it was an honor to have him on the program to talk about the state of sport, why games like 2K8 & Backbreaker fail and if we’ll ever see another NFL game outside of the Madden wrapper.

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