Fan-made Adventure Time DS/3DS intro

Don’t get too excited, this isn’t footage from WayForward’s development studio. What you are about to see (below) is some fantastic fan love from illustrator and designer out of Edmonton, AB, Mike Gaboury.

While this piece makes us absolutely giddy, we’re sure that the actual game out of WayForward will have us beaming like Rainicorns

If you’d like more information on both WayForward and Adventure Time, please check out our Ep49 – Extended for where we provide  our thoughts and praise on one of, if not the, best 2-D, hand-drawn, sprite-based development companies in gaming today.

Expect great things come this fall and get your pre-orders in now  (seriously, WayForward’s track record alone should warrant $5 down from any self-respecting DS or 3DS owner).