EVO 2013: Day 1

New to the fighting game scene? If so, Shoryuken has uploaded a great viewer’s guide that gives you a rundown of everything you need to know. It covers some background information, tournament format, a description of the games being played and terminology that is commonly used in the fighting game community.


Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition ver.2012 (1601 competitors)

Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 (1297 competitors)

Super Smash Bros. Melee (696 competitors)

Injustice: Gods Among Us (580 competitors)

Street Fighter x Tekken (545 competitors)

King of Fighters XIII (433 competitors)

Persona 4 Arena (400 competitors)

Tekken Tag Tournament 2 (355 competitors)

Mortal Kombat 9 (201 competitors)


There will be 3 official streams that will be broadcasting throughout the event.

EVO Stream 1

EVO Stream 2

EVO Stream 3

All 3 streams

Similar to last year, there will be an optional fee for viewers. By paying $12, you will have access to the HD stream and chat. All proceeds will go towards a scholarship for a student who wishes to enroll in the NYU Game Center MFA program.

In addition to the official streams, a few community members have taken it upon themselves to stream some pool play that could not be shown on the official streams due to time constraints.

FinestKO – Persona 4 Arena LIVE

Karastorm – Street Fighter x Tekken

IE Battlegrounds – Tekken Tag Tournament 2 LIVE

VG Bootcamp – Super Smash Bros. Melee LIVE

Finally, /u/acekingoffsuit also has a complete list of side events and streams

Day 1 Schedule (times are listed in PDT):

Stream 1

8 am – 2pm: SSF4 pools

2pm: Finals of TTT2

4pm: Finals of P4A

6pm – end: SSF4 quarter and semi finals

Stream 2

8 am – 8pm: Mortal Kombat 9

Stream 3

8 am – 2pm: SSBM pools

2 pm – 6pm: SSF4 pools

8 pm: SSF4 semi finals

Here is the official schedule for the entire weekend

As with any fighting game tournament, you may expect it to run late (also known as tournament standard time).


Online brackets have been posted for every game.