E3 2013 – And the Winner Is:


We are. Gamers are the winners of E3.

When Sony and Microsoft first revealed their next generation consoles a few months ago, I was right there with everyone else: vomiting negativity and incredulity. I was aghast at how Microsoft could make an attempt to control the used games market, and I was echoing conspiracy theories that, hot on the heels of NSA indiscretions, sharpened the axe I was grinding to a fine edge. The day before E3 opened its gates, I again followed the vast majority of the internet in laughing at Microsoft’s showing, declaring Sony, then and there, the victor of not only this year’s Expo, but the entire generation.

But then I arrived on the floor, and I just couldn’t do it any longer. Sure, I still have my biases, but when let loose in a stadium-sized enclosure full to the brim with games new and old, something happened. I couldn’t, standing in the midst of our glorious hobby’s Mecca, be negative. There is simply nothing to be negative about. I lamented the fact that E3, every year, seems like it’s become nothing more than a three day period of time over which the entire industry tries its best to find things to complain about. Standing between the Disney and EA booths, paralyzed by the most incredible feeling of indecision that had ever struck me, I decided then and there to change my tune. I’m not going to complain, because there is nothing to complain about.

I admit it, Microsoft has a ways to go before I change my mind on a day one purchase, but I actually WANT them to make that effort. I WANT the XB1 to be successful, and I WANT to have that choice to make, as a customer of theirs. I want Microsoft to succeed, and I want to help make that so.

If I learned anything at E3, it’s that games are as fun as they’ve always been. The colors of Pac-Man and the Ghostly Adventures and Sonic Lost World, the innovations in hardware and software alike with the Oculus Rift and Murdered: Soul Suspect, and the inner-child awakening powers of Disney Infinity and Skylanders: Swap Force. Games are fun, and we really need to constantly revisit that fact in order to escape the derisive nature of the petulance that sparks the so called “console wars.” No one is dying. There are no injured parties. This is not a war. We’re all just having fun, and we need to recognize this. My way of having fun isn’t better than yours. PS4 isn’t “better” than XB1.

Please, join ++Good Games in the coming week as we explore what exactly we saw, and how exactly we reacted to all of it.