Don't Starve Blind Box Figures hit the Klei Online Shop!


The last time I can recall this happening was with Team Meat’s Super Meat boy. It’s not often that the world of indie games crosses over into the realm of high quality collectibles, but every time it happens I sit up and take note. After all, I love video games and toys! Of course I love video game toys!

If you aren’t familiar with Don’t Starve, it’s a survival game – available on Steam for the PC, and now the PS4 via PSN – with a simple and gorgeous art style, excellent animation, and wacky as hell gameplay. You start off as the gentleman scientist Winston, and due to no fault of your own (read: it is very much, and solely your fault), you wake up on an island without food, shelter, or tools to acquire either, and are told “Don’t Starve!” The game mechanics are similar to Terraria or MineCraft, in that you collect materials to make tools to collect more advanced materials to make better tools; but unlike those games you can hire some of the local fauna to protect you (a double edged sword… trust me), and some of the more advanced tools are downright futuristic. There is a smallish element of horror, much like there’s a smallish element of horror in Tim Burton films (in fact, the game seems to emulate Burton’s own), but the tone is largely whimsical.

ANYWAY, the characters in Don’t Starve have been immortalized in plastic, and packed away in blind-box style, available in varying quantities from the Klei web shop. Each box includes one character, and two accessories, ranging from magical blasting wands, to small camp fires.

I hope I get a Winston!

[Thanks go out to Jon Ashmore for the tip]